Zen Philosophy Can Help Erase Religious Conflicts

Posted by Alan Woo on

For years, I read or hear about wars in the world rooted in religious conflicts and I wonder how people who ultimately believe in the same deity but through different methods can miss the big picture so much that they are willing to kill each other over the disagreement.  Take the fight over Jerusalem, for example.  Why can't Jerusalem be shared neutrally?  Why can't such an agreement be made?  If successful, it would be a major step in achieving peace in the Middle East.

It is ironic that religion generally teaches love, but sometimes ends up so misguided.  Those who understand Zen philosophy know that balance and harmony are the keys to peace.  Zen is not a religion, but a philosophical approach to life.  Zen teaches us how to be understanding, accepting, content, and satisfied.  Most importantly, Zen teaches us how to live.

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