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Zen teaches us how to be balanced in life.  Zen is strongly influenced by Taoism, the Chinese philosophy of balance in life.  Many people are familiar with the Yin-Yang symbol from Taoism.  Extremes of any sort will lead to destruction eventually.

Most people are only familiar with the destructive nature of negative extremes, for example, too much hate, too many vices, too much junk food, too much drinking.  Rarely do people realize, too much of a good thing is also bad.  For example, if you win all the time and do not stay centered and humble, you become arrogant, despised, and hated.  Ultimately, you end up overconfident, complacent, and targeted.  Everyone will want to see your downfall and will cheer for when it happens.  The pressure will mount with every passing day and eventually you contribute to your own demise.

Be grateful and humble when things are going well.  Have trust and faith and stay centered when things are not going well.  Stay balanced and you will be able to navigate through life wisely.

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